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Philosophy, methodology, and bias

LeftTimes is led and curated by Yoshi Tryba. I am a product manager working in education technology. I fervently believe in the power of learning and knowledge to transform the world.

I first created LeftTimes in 2017 in response to three trends: 1. a lack of investigative journalism and progressive op-eds in mainstream media 2. a blossoming of independent, niche publications, and 3. the tendency of social media algorithms to produce information bubbles filled with click-bait rather than informative content from mixed perspectives.

LeftTimes is intended to augment a mainstream news diet (NYT, FT, WaPo, WSJ, etc.) with in-depth analyses, investigative journalism, editorials, and research from a breadth of (valid) perspectives. Ideologically, I see green social liberalism as the socioeconomic system upon which the next (r)evolutions of society must be built. This perspective is reflected in the distribution of publications included – being predominantly progressive, liberal, social democratic, and democratic socialist – with a smattering of communist, anarchist, libertarian, and neoliberal sources.

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Yoshi Tryba

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